5 digital marketing trends for 2022

You might already know that more and more people are heading online to find products and services, pushing more businesses to reach their customers online. As a result, it makes it difficult for brand and marketing managers to keep up with how to best reach those customers. One strategy today might not work tomorrow.

However, no matter what, our team continues to work while others catch up. Our awesome team of digital marketing experts will be providing you with new and effective strategies so that you’ll be able to stay on top of the ever-changing digital landscape.

With services like:

• Search Engine Optimisation
• Digital Campaigns and Strategies
• Social Media Marketing and Management
• Web Design and Development
• Media Strategy and Planning
• Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)
• Digital Content and Compilation
• Brand and Media Monitoring
• Video Production and Editing

And so much more…

We’re carefully monitoring and finding more ways to provide you with extreme value. Get insight and advice from experts that currently are delivering above industry level work. With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, ATKASA is one of the leading agencies in the industry. Being owner run and managed allows us to stay ahead of everyone else, we can make decisions and changes immediately, hence, making us adaptable to change with trends. Throughout the life of your brand, we keep it beating.

We love building meaningful relationships with our clients, so we are not just interested in those long term contracts but rather focus on building a long term relationship. We believe that we must be just as invested in your brand as you are, this requires the passion & dedication our team brings to the party no matter the size of your marketing budget.

Here are a few trends we’ve been keeping an eye on that are likely to redefine the consumer brand experience between 2021 and 2022. Whether you’re a Brand Manager, Digital Marketer, or Marketing Manager, this is your takeaway:

1. Digital Customer Experience

A digital customer experience refers to the total of all online interactions a consumer has with your brand. Besides your website, your company may also use mobile apps, live chats, social media, and other digital interfaces. Your customer needs to always enjoy the experience with your brand, so making things exciting, interactive & accessible is important to the success of your campaigns. Consumers want to consume your content BUT on their terms. This means you have to create easily consumable experiences for your customers. Think about how your website interacts on Mobile (82% of traffic online is via mobile devices), are you producing different ways for people to consume your campaigns ie: videos, Podcasts, Interactive Newsletters etc.

2. Interactive Content & UGC

Interactive content involves the viewer actively participating instead of passively reading, watching, or listening. Examples of interactive material include quizzes, exams, calculators, infographics, quotes, and white papers. Keeping consumers engaged with your brand is so important in today’s landscape, so you need to ask yourself a simple question: Are you speaking to your customer or are you having a conversation with them?

So we know people love great content, but what people and consumers enjoy & trust more is UGC (User Generated Content), people want proof before they make the buying decision, they want to be assured they are making the right choice when buying from your company or brand. So why UGC? Simple – It gives consumers what they want:

* It will build and strengthen your community.
* Consumers can relate to UGC.
* It allows your brand to engage with the customer where they are and feel comfortable.
* As a brand you are building a massive library of trusted and authentic content to use.

UGC is vital if brands are to build trusted and lasting relationships with consumers.

3. Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing combines information from various sources (such as conventional and digital) to ensure that customers have the same experience and receive the best possible service no matter where they are engaging with your brand or campaign.

4. Live Streaming and Influencer Content

During the global pandemic, almost everyone has been forced to change the way they live & interact, this means consumers were stuck at home, had reduced social interaction and as we are sure you have guessed resulted in an intense increase in online activity. For example on Facebook Live viewing increased by roughly 50% whilst Instagram saw a spike of almost 70%. The new platform on the block Tik Tok also saw a massive increase in global viewership over the last 2 years. So what does this mean for you – well the simple takeaway should be that human-driven content like influencer live-streams will and can create brand trust and allow consumers to get that connection with your brand that is vital for them to move on to the next step.

5. The rise of Voice & Visual Search

Yes you read that right, more and more people are now turning to Voice & Visual Search, think about when you say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google”, more and more people now make use of these features especially since almost everyone has a smartphone, smart car devices and smart home devices.

And now to add to that list of things marketers have to think about is Visual search. Tools like Google Lens will enable consumers to search for whatever they see in front of them. This means now that as 2022 looms marketers will also have to shift focus even more on Image alt-text and sitemaps for images as this will become more important in the SEO game.

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