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Mantra Publicity is a full-service PR & Digital agency in South Africa. With bespoke and agile operations, we are able to offer our clients support in PR, social media management, digital marketing and influencer marketing. Ancillary services include photo and video content creation, networking events and media launches as well as website management and maintanence. Managing Director Prelene Singh-Seitlhamo breaks down why you need a PR firm onboard to grow your business in 2024.

The future of your business/brand depends on how well you can market it! The reality is that a good public relations firm adds a high value when it comes to strategy development, media and influencer relationships and cultivating tangible brand awareness – despite the ever-changing world of technology.


“PR firms promote companies or people via editorial coverage.  This is “earned” or “free” media, unlike paid advertisements.

PR agencies push for their clients to feature in newspapers, magazines TV programs, and websites. We are passionate about helping our clients build their reputations through the media.

We work with zeal to analyse the organisations and markets of our clients, turning this into effective stories, that their target market cares for.  Similarly, we can take bad news and determine the best response to minimise the harm,” explained Prelene.



Here are 5 reasons why you should consider onboarding a PR firm instead of delegating in-house:

Jack of all Trades

Content creation, expert writing, online marketing, media and influencer management and advertising all fall under the PR / brand awareness umbrella. Whether you are a small business, rapidly expanding company or large conglomerate, you need a dream team skilled in the above to properly manage the public persona of your brand.

It is not always possible to have an internal team that not only is expertly skilled in these environments but also on top of the trends, developments in social media and the digital world and able to execute work with zeal. These are very different disciplines, and each one really needs individual attention in order for your projects to succeed. Bringing in a team of experts will allow you to run professional campaigns across multiple disciplines without going crazy as a jack-of-all-trades. Public relations add value by creating positive goodwill for your business, which is imperative in an age where one misstep or even a perceived misstep can create reputation havoc.

Multi-tasking Genius

The key to true success is being able to multitask, have several projects on-the-go at the same time to achieve maximum benefit. We all know that in any organisation, there comes a time when working hours need to be doubled in order to achieve and execute all the projects that need to be done – whether it’s a new launch, event or crisis. In most cases, this is not always possible, allowing for missed opportunities, passed deadlines and low ROI.

Your PR agency can help fill in the gaps either on those projects or day-to-day work. Think of your PR firm as your stunt double. They are able to replicate you and do what you need with their full attention and expertise.

Sounding Board

Many of our clients think of us as a speciality shop for unique situations. When you’re in need of an outside perspective, new rhythm, flair and flavour – we’re here for you. Hiring a PR firm can help you think outside of the four walls of your business, from branding, to campaigns, social media tactics, go-to-market strategies and so much more! A seasoned public relations team can bring to the table the experiences it has learned from working with scores of other groups.

Additional Support when you need it!

Your PR agency is there to support you and your business. You could pass yet another project along to a colleague who is just as overbooked as you. Or you could give it to a team of people with the dedication, knowledge and, most importantly, time to make that special project succeed. That is what a public relations team does every day.

Never stay stagnant

Having a team of experts behind your brand offers you the edge when it comes to staying competitive in the market. Hire a PR firm to keep you on your toes, keep things fresh and interesting and also solely dedicate their work days to brainstorming ways to grow your business – allowing you to focus on other more important things. Create buzz or simply need help telling your story better – your PR team will be there to hold your hand through it all.


Mantra Publicity, from inception has been an agency rooted in driving the communications revolution through holistic operation. Our team works with zeal in creating brand awareness for our client’s day-in and day-out. We have become valuable assets to our clients and continue to deliver only the highest quality of service. Join the Mantra family today and let us help you grow!


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Founder and Managing Director, Prelene Singh

Founder and Managing Director, Prelene Singh

Solution-driven, passionate about brand building and the creative force behind Mantra, Founder and Managing Director, Prelene Singh, is a brand enthusiast offering over a decade of experience in marketing, media, social media, and public relations.


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