A cut above the rest: when proudly SA brands join forces

Being squarely invested in all things South Africa and in its mission to support and foster local small business, Great Africa Hair Company have taken Legends Barbershop under their wing to help grow and amplify an already brilliant response to market demand and the rest is now playing out in a retail reality with Legends products now racked and ready for sale in one of South Africa’s largest retailers.

“This partnership comes at a time when small and medium-sized enterprises are in most need of support.  GAHC are effecting positive change in supporting smaller brands by assisting each to gain access and shelf space in retailers they otherwise would struggle to achieve, independently,” shares GAHC CEO and founder, Salil Dhingra.

So, how do you take an already thriving business and turn it into a global contender while satisfying and servicing an already loyal and growing local market?  “Simply put, South Africans recognise Legends Barbershop as a proudly South African brand,” GAHC Sales Head, Grant Heynes patriotically asserts.  “Their excellent marketing efforts to date will ensure that consumers will recognise the brand name and have access to the products in a place where they already shop for other personal care products.”

Having started out cutting hair on the streets of Eldorado Park, Sheldon Tatchell (founder and owner) has over the past 10 years successfully grown Legends into over 60 locations across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa and has won the hearts and minds of South Africans of all backgrounds.

The story of Sheldon is symbolic of entrepreneurship at its best.  This is the stuff that Legends is made of, and he is so humble in his success.  For these reasons, Legends was an easy standout choice in a sea of so many other small business models and brands who trade in a similar category.

“Great Africa Hair Company is truly a great business that bridges the gap between brand owners and retailers.  We are delighted to have partnered with them,” comments Tatchell.

A big part of the Legends brand is ensuring customers have a Legendary experience outside of just a cut.  With a growing product range, Legends already has an assortment of top-rated line items that include their beard oils, wave brush, double edged blades, and many other products for their customers daily regimes.

“Since hitting Dis-Chem’s shelves a week ago, the brand has already started to sell in numbers that has surprised us, and so we are thrilled that this opportunity has been created,” adds Grant. “Our aim is place the product assortment within reach of most South African consumers who aspire to use and support this popular local brand.  Dis-Chem is a trusted retail partner in the communities that Legends serves nationally.”

As a distributor and supplier, GAHC has more than 30 years of combined retail and consumer sales and marketing experience. “We know that retail readiness is critical for success, we see small businesses daily but only 10% of these are in fact retail ready”, Grant concludes.

Legends Barbershop had all aspects of quality that was ready for the retail space and moving forward, GAHC will guide the brand team in terms of pricing, logistics, marketing, promotions and product development in order to be successful and to grow in the formal retail and wholesale channel.

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