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Attitude is Everything

Successful leaders rapidly learn that attitude is one of the critical determinators of success. A positive mindset, one that perseveres in the face of day-to-day challenges that naturally and inevatibly arise from owning a business, enables entrepreneurs to not only survive but thrive with resilience and strength. The following five tips help many of our independent distributors build and grow their business with success.

Acknowledge Challenges

Entrepreneurs face challenges – almost daily. Successful business owners don’t ignore problems when they arise; instead, they reframe them and meet them head-on. Viewing challenges as opportunities rather than impossible tasks can make a huge difference for a growing company. How leaders – whether a staff of one or ten – handle and fix problems sets the company and team’s tone.

Fail fast

Problems will happen in any business, and mistakes will be made. Resourceful entrepreneurs not only work to fix errors but learn from them. The adage of “fail fast” is essential to growing any business. Failures allow you and your team to learn from the problem, identify the cause quickly and ensure it does not happen again. Mistakes will happen, butaddressing and resolving them quickly will often define your business.

Treat others with respect

In the frantic pace of the day, it is often easy to transfer stress to others. Often without meaning to, many business owners may bark orders or be abrupt with staff due to pressure and stress. This attitude may even make its way to customers, as impatience or frustration can seep into conversations. Everyone demands your utmost respect, and this begins with your team. Find ways to manage your stress by taking a daily walk, meditating, doing yoga, or just taking 10 minutes away from work to breathe when significant stressors hit.

Say thank you

Saying thank you may seem simple, but those words are potent. It is vital to share appreciation with your team, vendors, and of course, your customers. Your ability to convey gratitude has a significant impact on your business relationships. Successful entrepreneurs authentically share their appreciation and let others know they are valued.

Enjoy the journey

The entrepreneur’s journey has many unexpected bumps on the road. The path can be long, with many surprises. It also can be the most rewarding time of your life, one that is filled with crucial learnings and successes. Enjoy the journey – the good and hard times – and remember why you chose to start your own business. Take time to celebrate the joyous moments and don’t linger, but learn from the challenges. Importantly, find time each day to take a moment for yourself.  Maybe attend your child’s practice and game or meet up with friends for lunch. Your free time is your own, and you deserve to make the most of the flexibility.

Starting a business is brave. It takes grit and fortitude. Above all, small business owners know that their attitude has a direct impact on their success. Entrepreneurs who keep a positive attitude will embrace the experiences, learn from the problems and take time to show gratitude.


John DeSimone, President, Herbalife Nutrition

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