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South Africa’s stock exchange for smaller firms: some benefits

The common themes around SMEs – job creation, innovation, economic growth – have attracted a great deal of research. The role of stock exchanges in the performance of SMEs has been less explored.

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Reimagining the customer experience

Machine learning, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other shifts are challenging traditional insurance products and engagement models.

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5 ways to ensure an influencer marketing campaign goes viral

Big brands used to tell us what was cool. In fact, the higher a brand’s emotional intelligence, the more it wins.

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Is hard cash on its way out in SA?

As the world shifts towards cashless payment methods, South Africa is gradually moving away from cash against a social and economic backdrop of inequality and slow economic growth.

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The 5 V’s of big data

The more consideration that is given to these 5Vs, the more successful organisations tend to be in their data management, data governance, and decision-making capabilities.

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Top tips for small businesses to emerge resilient from the pandemic

Jim Magrat shares five things small businesses can do to prepare themselves for success.