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reece meyer

Reece Meyer, a Cape Town-based tech entrepreneur admits that COVID has been a shattering blow to brick and mortar retailers. He takes a closer look, using his businesses as an example, at how digital entrepreneurs have found a way to make it work in the age of social distancing.

MyBru App (PTY) Ltd houses @mybru.retail, South Africa’s new kid on the block in the e-commerce space that looks to ruffle some feathers. The bespoke online store allows consumers throughout South Africa to purchase some of their favourite tech, decor, lighting, gaming and apparel brands such as Samsung, Hisense, DJI, AERO apparel, Alienware, Dell, Asus, Acer, LG, Xbox, Microsoft, Logitech, and Scotch & Sofa to name a few.

With new products listed every 24hours, daily deals are available exclusively through the @mybruapp, flash sales, secure payment options, and efficient delivery options, @mybru.retail continuously strives to put customer satisfaction and safety at the top of its priorities.

“With COVID-19 impacting businesses in ways a lot of us could not have imagined, we had to look at our business model and adjust to the unprecedented new business landscape.  Honestly speaking, all our businesses went into survival mode.” From refining processes to constantly keep the business in line with the changing rules and regulations set out by the government, Reece explains how agility is a core strength if a business is to survive. In addition to working remotely, staying connected with the team online while keeping overheads to a minimum has allowed them not to bleed financially.

Traditional retailers and malls had a harder time adjusting to the new shopping environment because lockdown started off as temporary. In that time, retailers who operate mostly online, with the exception of using delivery services, took the opportunity to make use of tools that not only tracked the buyer’s process but also targeted ads and services toward their needs, thus increasing sales.

It’s been easy to pin-point the downsides of the pandemic, but light needs to be shed on how it has changed the way we do even the most basic things, like shopping for home lighting or work-from-home technology.

When asked where the future of entrepreneurship was headed, Reece said as a country, we are moving in the right direction. “Organizations such as Startup Grind and Future Females have laid a solid foundation in the South African entrepreneurship landscape allowing like-minded people from all business sectors to connect, network, learn, and build a sustainable business.” These organisations have been at the forefront of building networks that are built on the horizon of the 4th industrial revolution.

With consumers wanting to be in less contact with the next person, staying on top of digital progression has proven to be the best direction to go in. “Greater emphasis needs to be placed on business dexterity”, concludes Reece. “Being technically and technologically capable with contingency plans in place is as important when wanting to adjust to the unforeseen regulations.”

If you want to have your products listed on mybru.retail, contact Reece Meyer:


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