Entrepreneurship is what will stimulate economic growth in the future

When one thinks of entrepreneurship, the traditional concept of brick-and-mortar stores that follow conventional, tried and tested methods of doing business come to mind. However, we live in a disrupted environment and technology is offering entrepreneurs with new tools that they can use to their benefit.

In the quest to diversify the South African economy, entrepreneurship is what will stimulate economic growth in the future. Business incubators that enhance entrepreneurship and tech skills should be at the forefront of our education system.

I recently read an article on LinkedIn that focuses on how entrepreneurs can take the benefits of technology and capitalise on them.

Rise of Digital Technology and the Internet

the LinkedIn article points out that the development of digital technology and the internet has significantly changed entrepreneurship. It has helped them overcome procrastination and boost their productivity and efficiency by giving them access to previously inaccessible data, tools, and resources.

It has also significantly increased accessibility for communication and collaboration, allowing business owners to interact with stakeholders throughout the globe. In addition, digital technology has made new markets and business models possible, providing entrepreneurs the chance to challenge established markets and develop ground-breaking products.

The article adds that entrepreneurs must utilise these advantages as we progress towards more innovation. Those who adapt avoid falling behind as the speed of these advancements only accelerates. Entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in a quickly changing business environment by keeping up with the most recent trends and tools.

Power of social media

The LinkedIn article points out that the influence of social media on business has changed everything. Social media has evolved into a crucial tool for business growth and success in the digital era, from brand building and marketing to customer involvement and networking.

Social media gives business owners a cost-effective opportunity to market their goods or services, create communities around their brand, and interact with clients in real-time thanks to its capacity to swiftly and effectively reach large audiences.

The article adds that entrepreneurs may innovate, adapt, and succeed in a business environment that is continuously changing by utilising the power of social media. It is essential for business owners to stay current with the newest trends and best practices as social media continues to develop and new platforms appear to maximise the potential of their enterprises.

Growth of e-commerce

The LinkedIn article points out that expanding e-commerce has allowed anyone to grow their business online. Business owners can increase their consumer bases globally, work around the clock, and optimise their processes. E-commerce offers business owners an affordable way to launch and expand their enterprises with priceless data-driven insights and tailored marketing tactics.

By distinctive product selections and a flawless online purchasing experience for customers, it provides a competitive advantage. Moreover, cross-selling opportunities and the ability for business owners to be flexible and responsive to shifting market conditions have been made possible by e-commerce. It has grown to be an excellent resource for those trying to expand their operations and find long-term success since it has the potential to reach clients worldwide.

Importance of data analytics

The article adds that entrepreneurs who want to make data-driven decisions and achieve a competitive edge should consider data analytics an essential tool. Entrepreneurs may use data analytics to find new market opportunities, make better decisions, increase client engagement, maximise operational efficiency, and beat the competition.

This also helps entrepreneurs thoroughly understand their company’s performance, comprehend their clients more fully, and make well-informed decisions that can result in long-term success by utilising data analytics.

Where does MANCOSA fit in?

Focusing on the above strategies can establish your company in a hypercompetitive environment. Diversifying the South African economy is the only way that we will address the current economic crisis, and entrepreneurship can drive this change.

MANCOSA has several courses that provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to realise their dreams of owning a business. Additionally, we run several business incubators where mentorship and guidance are provided to provide entrepreneurs with additional skills associated with the experience of running a business.

Loshnee Bridgmohan

Loshnee Bridgmohan

Manager: Marketing at MANCOSA

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