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FNB App offers SME marketplace with 3m potential customers

Gordon Little, FNB Business CEO


As agile SMEs look to re-shape their business models and evolve their offerings to counter the negative impact of Covid-19, FNB has launched a digital marketplace on its app that gives businesses providing home services solutions access to 3-million potential customers.

The digital marketplace effectively provides them with access to a new market by allowing them to move from being a traditional bricks and mortar business, to a small-scale e-commerce provider on app.

Gordon Little, FNB Business CEO, says: “Businesses have taken a lot of strain this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we believe this digitised market place opportunity which allows them to list their business, upload their logo, images of their services, list key skills and location coverage on an app, will serve as an introduction to an e-commerce marketplace.

“The listing only takes minutes and exposes businesses to a secure platform to chat, request payment, rate and review with known FNB customers. The solution has the potential to offer our FNB banked businesses an added and sustainable revenue line moving forward.”

He says the digital marketplace effectively allows FNB customers who need to renovate their homes to search for a five-star rated FNB banked business plumber, electrician, builder, home caterer or any other home services provider on the FNB App.

Customers are able to chat securely on their FNB App, share images of the problem area, and agree on a time for a site visit. Once the job has been completed, payment is processed on the App. Both the service provider and customer can also be rated and reviewed to help build a trusted marketplace.

The digital marketplace also includes a home buying and selling solution where customers can now list to sell their property, either with an FNB Business Banked real estate agent or privately. FNB Business Banked estate agents also have the opportunity to list their stock on the marketplace under nav» Home. This provides them access to thousands of FNB pre-approved buyers. Customers also have access to special deals on new property developments.

“What adds more value is the steps we have taken to ensure that the platform is as secure and credible as possible. A known FNB Business, who has been vetted with a number of comprehensive checks will have the opportunity to service a known FNB customer. We believe this sets a new safety standard for a marketplace in South Africa, which is unique,” says Little.

With over 1 500 providers already on the marketplace, the bank has begun offering the service in Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town, with plans to scale throughout the country in the near future.

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