Gourmet Ice wins R150 000 in quick start funding

In a tale of creativity, determination, and a dash of luck, Gourmet Ice, an innovative venture led by the visionary 23-year-old entrepreneur Keagile, has triumphed as the winner of Luckybird’s ‘Quick Hack’ competition, encouraging all entrants to make their own luck!

Embodying a steadfast ‘start-up mentality’ for over thirty years, the Sir Fruit team is well-versed in the art of hustle and innovation, truly grasping the entrepreneurial spirit. The brand has recently introduced Luckybird cocktail mixers, a time saving new local offering that revolutionizes the art of mixology. Luckybird, consists of premium, proudly-local cocktail mixers, including Margarita, Daquiri, Mojito, Paloma and Cosmopolitan flavours. They’re a quick-hack that lets almost anyone become a home mixologist – at speed. In fact, Luckybird has started the Quixology movement: this is the art and science of preparing quality cocktails efficiently and effortlessly.

The Luckybird ‘Quick Hack’ competition, conceived to spark innovation and quick hacks, welcomed entrepreneurs to submit inventive ideas that save time by taking the hack out of the solution. With the winning concept received a cash prize of R150,000, propelling their venture forward. Serving as a thrilling component of the launch, the competition offered a platform for visionary minds to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit, transforming creative visions into reality.

Keagile, the passionate mixologist and owner of Gourmet Ice & Co, showcased the seamless harmony between his brand and Luckybird in a pitch video that not only impressed but also moved the judges. The 23-year-old entrepreneur, backed by a team of eight skilled individuals, including his two younger brothers and his guiding mum, has been creating waves in the business world.

Gourmet Ice – Crafting Excellence in Every Cube:

Gourmet Ice & Co doesn’t just make ice; they craft an experience that perfectly aligns with the essence of Luckybird. Going beyond the ordinary, Keagile and his team specialise in infusing high-quality ice cubes with fresh fruits, herbs, and edible flowers, turning each cube into a work of art that enhances the delicious flavour to your drinks instead of watering them down. These ‘icesologists’ and their innovative approach seamlessly complement Luckybird’s commitment to providing quick hacks for crafting extraordinary drinks, promising a delightful journey for the taste buds. Together, Gourmet Ice & Co and Luckybird create a harmonious partnership that elevates the art of mixology to new heights.

A True Entrepreneur’s Journey:

Keagile’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond Gourmet Ice, having previously ventured into businesses such as a car wash and a stationery supply business. Each endeavor served as a stepping stone, imparting invaluable lessons that he applied to refine and elevate the next.

The Dream and the Pursuit of Perfection:

Driven by a dream and an unwavering passion for mixology and events, Keagile envisioned beautifully crafted and flavored ice blocks. Through relentless trial and error, he perfected his products, overcoming challenges like load shedding that tested his resolve.

Family at the Heart of Gourmet Ice:

Gourmet Ice & Co embodies the quick hack spirit as more than just a business; it’s a family affair. Keagile’s two younger brothers actively contribute to the manufacturing process, working tirelessly alongside their brother in the pursuit of perfection. Keagile’s mum provides valuable guidance, making Gourmet Ice a true family quick hack enterprise where dedication knows no bounds.

Mentorship and Scaling New Heights:

The story takes an inspiring turn as Dave, the CEO of Sir Fruit and Luckybird, steps in to mentor Keagile on strategically utilising the awarded R150,000 to scale Gourmet Ice & Co. The moment Keagile received the news of his victory was not just a win; it was a heartfelt connection that moved those witnessing the birth of a South African entrepreneurial success story.

“Keagile’s dedication to perfection with Gourmet Ice is truly inspiring. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to crafting exceptional products align seamlessly with our values at Luckybird Drinks. We’re thrilled to see him soar and can’t wait to witness the continued success of Gourmet Ice.” – Dave, CEO of Luckybird Drinks.

Making Your Own Luck – Gourmet Ice Style:

 In the spirit of making your own luck, Keagile and Gourmet Ice have showcased the power of innovation, quick-hacks, creativity, and a passionate pursuit of dreams. Their quick hack, a game-changer for bartenders, party hosts, and beverage enthusiasts, has not only caught the eye of Luckybird but has set a new standard for the industry.

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