Here’s how a South African workcation can help you overcome that end-of-year slump

Considering all the challenges South Africa has faced this year, it’s natural for you, like most of the country’s workforce, to start feeling sluggish and unmotivated towards the end of the year. Thankfully, a change of pace and scenery can help you overcome this feeling, and a hectic work schedule doesn’t have to stand in the way, thanks to the possibilities of online work.

The last few years have shown us that we can work from anywhere, which means more people can spend even more time at their favourite destinations by taking a workcation. This relatively new concept sprung up during the pandemic when people realised, they could work from a poolside or even beach, not necessarily from their makeshift home office.

By combining work and vacation, people in fully remote or hybrid jobs can get the change of scenery they want without compromising their work schedules.

workcations also offer psychological benefits. Swedish researchers, who conducted a two-week study of the benefits of workcations, found that mental health and well-being increased by 22% among participants. They also found that the workcationers felt less depressed, calmer, and happier, while their perceived stress decreased by 48%.

“From recovering from the pandemic to the recent challenge of load shedding, 2022 has been a challenging year for most South Africans. These factors contribute to professionals feeling drained and uninspired, making it almost impossible to stay motivated in their daily work tasks,” says Marc Wachsberger: CEO of The Capital Hotels and Apartments.

“Thankfully, a workcation at a hotel can provide that much-needed change of scenery to give professionals a mental and physical boost and help them get through the remainder of the year. In addition, the sheer number of on-site amenities ensure professionals remain productive and connected to meetings and colleagues, while tailored workcation packages make extended stays a breeze,” he adds.

Here is what to look out for when booking your next workcation.


It will be worthwhile considering workcationing at a hotel that will offer a comfortable work environment and allow you to explore new and exciting attractions since the end-of-year slump results from a need for a change of pace.

So, to ensure you can fulfil the “vacation” part of your stay, choose a workcation destination that offers unique and inspiring scenery that will motivate you to work. Consider locations like the natural coastal views of Zimbali or the tranquil Cape Town environment that’s sure to keep you relaxed and productive.

Flexible cleaning routines

Flexibility and comfort are essential factors in your workcation experience. That is why choosing a hotel where housekeeping staff can offer flexible times will help you stay productive with minimal interruptions.

Flexible cleaning routines allow you to block out housekeeping slots and ensure that staff don’t disrupt your meetings.

Co-working spaces

Consider staying at a hotel that offers co-working spaces to prevent you from yearning for some worker interaction while you’re on a workcation. These facilities won’t just help you focus because there’ll be other people around you working, but they are also ideal for networking across new and exciting industries.

“This is the perfect time to escape the confines of the home office and relocate to a new source of inspiration with a workcation. And apartment-style hotels in leading tourist and business locations combine the essentials for uninterrupted work in some of the country’s most exotic locations,” concludes Wachsberger.

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