#ICYMI: Germany to receive medical Cannabis flower from Lesotho after MG Health is confirmed to meet stringent EU GMP standards

Lesotho-based cultivator and manufacturer of medicinal Cannabis flower, extracts and oils, MG Health, has received official confirmation that their stringent manufacturing processes are aligned with the European Union’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. With fewer than 20 companies worldwide having achieved this certification of trust, this feat positions MG Health as the first manufacturer in Africa able to export medicinal Cannabis flower as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the EU.


Upheld by all member states of the EU, the GMP guidelines state the minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to assure that their products are consistently high in quality, from batch to batch, for their intended use. The recent confirmation of  EU GMP compliance for MG Health was granted by the government of the Upper Bavaria district in Germany after a request for import was made by Drapalin Pharmaceuticals – a licensed importer and distributor based in Munich and the strategic partner of MG Health in Germany. Says MG Health’s Chief Executive Officer, Andre Bothma, about the news, “What it means is that we have authorisation to export our products as an API into Germany and the wider European market.”


Compared to other EU nations, Germany is known within the industry to have one of the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements for medical Cannabis. “They treat Cannabis in the same manner as pharmaceutical products and narcotics. So it’s not as simple as being licensed and producing your own Cannabis with a good test result and shipping it in,” explains van der Nest. “They’re one of the strictest regulators. We wanted to find the most stringent standards and make sure that we adhere to those, to generate that global confidence for patients, prescribing doctors and everyone else along the supply chain.”


Effectively opening up global medical markets for the company, alignment with GMP standards will give doctors the certainty they require that the product they are prescribing to their patients is consistent, of a high quality, safe and effective.


MG Health first received a business license to operate as a vertically integrated producer of medicinal Cannabis flower and extracts in 2017. Today, all operations are conducted according to EU GMP standards on a single site in the pristine mountains of Lesotho. This ensures full control and allows the implementation of their “Plant to Patient” philosophy.


The production team at MG Health is made up of Lesotho nationals and the young company has already had a significant social impact on the local community, with the potential of creating intergenerational wealth for many families. MG Health will be a catalyst for lifting many out of poverty through the creation of new jobs and other wealth creation initiatives, and is already the biggest employer of BSc graduates in Lesotho.


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