Inaugural Tshwane Energy Summit 2024: Conversations on Infrastructure, Investment and Innovation

The upcoming Tshwane Energy Summit on 19 – 20 June is set to ignite the Tshwane’s energy action plan to free the city from current energy challenges, due to loadshedding and failing electricity infrastructure. 

Traditionally, South Africa has relied on local coal and imported crude oil as primary energy sources.  Sadly this, coupled with Eskom’s flailing electricity infrastructure and lack of additional energy generating sources, is responsible for affecting the daily lives and livelihoods of residents all over the country. 

In Tshwane itself, the loadshedding situation has had a more dire effect, for not only has the existing electricity infrastructure been significantly damaged, depleting maintenance budgets at a rapid rate, but criminal attacks on the existing infrastructure are also on the rise.

This has led to the city of Tshwane taking the lead to problem-solve its local energy crisis, hoping that, together with various stakeholders from the energy sector, these challenges can be solved by introducing renewable energy into the grid, thereby reducing the reliance on current energy supplies. 

With the ambitious goal to gain 1000 MW of energy independence from Eskom by 2026, and commitments to source 10% of Tshwane’s electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and 80% by 2050, key energy players, along with companies, domestic and international organisations, are invited to discuss the strategies required to move to cleaner technologies and source electricity from Independent Power Producers. 

“We believe a multi-stakeholder approach will be key to achieving an energy resilient future for Tshwane, one where collaboration, partnerships and conversations between local and international organisations take centre stage,” says Paseka Rakosa, Senior Manager: Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement at the Tshwane Economic Development Agency (TEDA).

Gathered industry leaders, policymakers and business stakeholders will enjoy a packed 2-day itinerary at the 2024 Tshwane Energy Summit, filled with sector-focused, solution-driven discussions, keynote addresses and plenary sessions, gaining invaluable insights on how to navigate the complexities faced in the energy sector.

“Policy reforms, along with developing infrastructure, like solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations, need to play a significant role in our efforts to become energy independent and transition to cleaner energy,” added Rakosa. 

Showcasing cutting-edge technologies and energy-related products from energy companies, the summit will delve into what sustainable energy security could look like, promising thought-provoking public-private partnership discussions, engagements with academia, research institutions and investors.

Attendees are invited to help co-creating the roadmap to address these collective energy challenges, and drive the change so desperately needed to help stabilise Tshwane’s local energy economy. 

By addressing immediate challenges around electricity infrastructure investment, maintenance and how best to ensure both energy independence and the transition to renewable energy, Tshwane will help position both the city and South Africa as a global player in the manufacturing space.

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