Meet the creators of Checkers’ 3 limited-edition Mother’s Day bouquets

Meet the creators of Checkers' 3 Limited-Edition Mother's Day Bouquets

Artist Alice Toich, floral designer Alwijn ‘Blomboy’ Burger and much-loved foodie Zola Nene have created three limited-edition flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, available exclusively from selected Checkers and Checkers Hyper supermarkets nationwide.  

The trio visited local farms to design and create exquisite farm-fresh bouquets which are an expression of love and gratitude.  

“The quality is amazing, and the selection is incredible,” says Alwijn, whose floral design expertise is evident in his bold and contemporary arrangement. “The fact that our local growers produce these wonderful flowers is something to be proud of.” 

“Painterly romance” is how Alice describes her enchanting arrangement in which she has paired delicate pastels with soft foliage, while Zola’s vibrant personality shows in her bouquet’s warm citrus tones.  

Freshmark Flower Co’s team of 27 employees, who are mostly mothers, will recreate and pack each bouquet by hand to ensure only the freshest flowers are distributed to stores. 

“To have these arrangements produced by moms for other moms is truly special. The team puts a lot of love into processing and packing the flowers,” says Production Manager, Tseke Tladi. “We hope these specially designed bouquets bring joy to all the moms who receive them.” 

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