Momentum Metropolitan Foundation and Deviare Join Forces to Launch Digital Empowerment Program for Young Black Women

The Momentum Metropolitan Foundation, in a strategic collaboration with Deviare, is proud to announce a transformative initiative aimed at empowering ten young black females through a comprehensive digital skills program. Focused on critical technological domains, particularly Cyber Security, this program is tailored to prepare participants for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The participants in the program are exclusively young black females, creating a platform for gender diversity and empowerment. The group comprises a well-balanced mix, with 70% being graduates and 30% non-graduates, showcasing inclusivity across educational backgrounds. The regional distribution further emphasises diversity, with four participants from Limpopo, two from Mpumalanga, and four from Gauteng, reflecting a strategic and inclusive approach to geographical representation.

“This collaboration embodies our commitment to fostering diversity and empowering the next generation of female leaders in technology. We believe that providing comprehensive digital skills and real-world experiences is essential for their success,” said Nkosinathi Mahlangu, Youth Employment Portfolio Head at Momentum Metropolitan.

The Digital Empowerment Program offers comprehensive training in critical technological domains, focusing on Cyber Security to equip participants with essential skills for navigating the modern digital landscape. Additionally, the program includes a unique Virtual Global Apprenticeship, providing invaluable job experience, mentorship, and global networking for personal development and enhanced employability. This virtual apprenticeship allows participants to gain remote work experience with renowned organisations worldwide, broadening their perspectives and skills on a global scale.

Upon program completion, the top three learners are offered an exclusive six-month placement with Deviare, providing hands-on experience within a leading technology organisation and a pathway to exciting career opportunities. Simultaneously, the remaining seven participants seamlessly integrate into Deviare’s Talent Platform, connecting them with temporary and permanent job opportunities as they arise, ensuring continuous support in their professional journey. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded and impactful experience for all participants in the program.

“Deviare is honoured to partner with Momentum Metropolitan Foundation in this initiative. We are dedicated to offering meaningful opportunities that enable young women to thrive in critical technological domains, contributing to the overall growth of the industry,” stated Lubabalo Dyantyi, at Deviare.

This collaborative effort between the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation and Deviare is a testament to their shared commitment to fostering talent, diversity, and inclusivity, providing young black women with the skills and opportunities needed for a successful future.

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