Rising Trend: entrepreneurs embrace environmental with innovative plant-based packaging solutions

Entrepreneurs Embrace Environmental Choices with Innovative Plant-Based Packaging Solutions

In a rapidly evolving market, entrepreneurs are taking the lead in adopting eco-conscious practices, with a notable shift towards sustainable packaging solutions. Fortis X, a pioneering company based in Cape Town, has emerged as a key player, spearheading this movement by introducing Africa’s first plant-based bottles and fostering collaboration with local industries.

According to the latest data by Zion Marketing Research, the global biodegradable water bottles market size was valued at around USD 2437.16 million in 2022. The market is expected to grow above a CAGR of 5.52% and is anticipated to reach over USD 3549.81 million by 2030. Growing environmental concerns arising due to plastic bottles, along with the rise in government initiatives to encourage people to use biodegradable water bottles, are the major factors propelling the market’s growth.

As the world gears up for World Water Week 2023 (20 – 24 August 2022) under the theme “Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World,” the importance of sustainable water management takes center stage. Fortis X’s revolutionary plant-based bottles, made from sugarcane-derived biopolymers, not only contribute to reducing plastic waste but also address a significant aspect of water conservation – plastic pollution in oceans and water bodies. By choosing plant-based packaging, entrepreneurs and consumers alike are planting the seeds of change that align with the broader goals of preserving water resources for future generations.

Unlike conventional plastic bottles that take centuries to decompose, Fortis X’s plant-based bottles naturally biodegrade within a period of 1 to 3 months under composting conditions. This breakthrough aligns with global efforts to combat plastic pollution and supports initiatives such as Plastic Free July, a movement dedicated to reducing single-use plastics.

Nicholas De Beer, co-founder of Fortis X, affirms, “By providing sustainable plant-based bottles as an alternative to single-use plastics, we empower individuals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment. Our partnership with the sugarcane industry further reinforces our commitment to sustainability and economic growth.”

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SOGA Organic®, a trailblazing player in South Africa’s organic citrus industry, has also embraced the environmentally conscious journey by adopting innovative biodegradable packaging solutions. This strategic shift reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to quality, sustainability, and aligns seamlessly with its vision of offering exceptional products in harmony with nature. Lize Garrod, the Marketing Manager at SOGA Organic, shares insights into the company’s transformative endeavor: “Quality and food safety are paramount to SOGA Organic, driving our dedication to delivering the finest products with uncompromised integrity. While we have always strived for minimal environmental impact, traditional alternatives to plastic packaging posed challenges. When we encountered Fortis X’s 100% biodegradable/certified compostable packaging, we recognised its promise. Following rigorous testing and sensory evaluations, we proudly launched our Certified Organic frozen orange juice in these biodegradable bottles, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.”

Omnia Natura, an innovative force in the bottled water industry, has introduced a groundbreaking twist to traditional water packaging. By opting for plant-based and biodegradable bottles, Omnia Natura not only quenches thirst but also champions eco-friendly practices, setting themselves apart in a competitive market. Cullen Brown, a driving force behind Omnia Natura’s eco-conscious initiative, shares the motivation behind their strategic choice: “From the very beginning, Omnia Natura was committed to offering a distinct water experience by embracing sustainable packaging. We recognised that our discerning consumers were seeking more than just hydration – they were seeking an authentic, sustainable choice. The introduction of biodegradable packaging not only differentiates us in a crowded market but also resonates with our customer base that values reducing plastic waste.”

Beyond its product innovation, Fortis X actively promotes responsible agricultural practices within the sugarcane industry. The company ensures that the sugarcane used in their bottles is cultivated without artificial stimulants or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), aligning with principles of sustainable farming. The versatility and safety of Fortis X’s plant-based bottles have garnered substantial recognition. Notable brands such as OMNIA NATURA, Bonnie Bio, and Mother E have already embraced these eco-friendly containers, supplying bottled water to prestigious establishments across South Africa. Soga Organic, known for its role in South Africa’s organic citrus industry, has also chosen Fortis X’s plant-based bottles for bottling premium juices.

Fortis X’s commitment to sustainability extends to its rigorous testing processes. The plant-based bottles have undergone comprehensive assessments for food contact safety by Intertek Laboratories in Germany. These tests ensure the suitability of the bottles for a wide range of products, while additional testing in South Africa has confirmed their compatibility with circular economy practices.

Founded in 2008, Fortis X originated as a healthcare-focused company and has since diversified its operations to offer sustainable packaging solutions. The introduction of plant-based bottles made from sugarcane showcases the company’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact and supporting local industries.

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