SA Innovation Summit 2023: Igniting Africa’s Innovation Frontier

SA Innovation Summit 2023: Igniting Africa's Innovation Frontier

Africa’s tech landscape is ripe with opportunities for local startups, presenting the potential for tremendous growth and innovation. As AI, blockchain, renewable energy, and other cutting-edge advancements continue to shape the continent’s future, African entrepreneurs find themselves at the forefront of groundbreaking solutions. To seize these opportunities and expand their impact, startups seek a platform that connects them with problem solvers, mentors, and stakeholders who can bolster their growth. In the heart of this thriving tech ecosystem, the renowned SA Innovation Summit celebrates its 16th edition, emerging as a vital catalyst for progress.

From the 26th to the 29th of September 2023, thousands of visionaries, disruptors, and thought leaders will converge in Cape Town. The four-day summit provides the ideal arena for startups to collaborate, share ideas, and forge connections that drive sustainable growth. Furthermore, the event promises to open doors for content creators to occupy space and elevate their voices, contributing to the ever-expanding realm of possibilities within the African tech industry. Brace yourself for an epic journey as the SA Innovation Summit 2023 (SAIS’23) takes over the scenic city of Cape Town, bringing together 3,000 attendees,  stellar speakers, cutting-edge exhibitors, and exciting side events. It’s the ultimate pilgrimage for the brightest minds in tech, entrepreneurship, investment, policymaking, and thought leadership.

SAIS’23 is powered by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) in its mission to boost startups and spark the innovative spirit of the economy. With this in mind, the lively City of Cape Town is the perfect backdrop and a natural host partner.

This year’s schedule offers an engaging lineup of panel discussions, masterclasses, keynotes, pitch battles, expos, networking opportunities, and fun-filled entertainment.

Under the theme “[Explore] Africa’s Innovation Frontier,” SAIS’23 represents innovation, teamwork, and co-creation. According to Buntu Majaja, CEO of SAIS, “Attendees will have the chance to celebrate, support, or invest in the pioneers of Africa’s Innovation Frontier, and play a crucial role in shaping our continent’s future.”

The Mother City will quake with innovation throughout the week, with over 10 side events from Century City to Khayelitsha, Gardens to Woodstock reshaping perceptions about the African tech landscape.

Our partners Uvu Africa, Specno, Holocene – and SAIS’23 exclusive IP Law Partner, Von Seidels – are all on board with focused side events to deliver expert insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the continent’s innovators.

The 16th Annual Summit also features a Corporate Innovation Day, co-hosted by the African innovation-strategy boutique advisory firm Research Institute of Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) and global market research firm Frost and Sullivan. This exclusive opportunity offers business leaders, executives, futurists, and directors a chance to discover how innovation transforms value chains and opens up new possibilities on our continent

Over 120 speakers are expected to share their experiences and insights on:

  1. DIGITAL AND DEEP TECH AFRICA – See into the future of the digital world, including AI, machine learning, robotics, next-gen connectivity, and blockchain.
  2. GREEN NEXUS TECH – Gain a fresh perspective on renewable energy, advanced battery technologies, biotechnology, and how they work with water, energy, and food solutions for a sustainable African future.
  3. BUILDING OF ECOSYSTEMS – Chart the realities of building an ecosystem through insights from international success stories, and discover what drives entrepreneurial growth across the continent.

Join leading voices in Africa’s Innovation Frontier at the SAIS’23 daily networking events, business matchmaking platform, and investor lounge. Witness the latest innovations at the international Pavilion powered by the likes of the Swiss Embassy, Innovate UK KTN, and the Namibia Investment Promotions and Development Board.

“We believe that scalable businesses and technology startups build our continent and create true economic value. We are honoured to work with our partners annually to bring together an experience like no other in Cape Town,” says Buntu Majaja, CEO of SAIS.

“It’s deal-making that creates true impact and a story that retells itself – it really takes an ecosystem to build a start-up, and I look forward to being inspired by all the incredible people that make it happen.”

As we unite to empower scalable businesses and technology startups, we invite you to join us in shaping the narrative of progress and driving true economic value on our beloved continent. Together, let’s create a legacy of impact that resonates far beyond the event, inspiring the world with our collective achievements. See you at SAIS’23!

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