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The benefits of a mobile bar in the age of COVID

For the hospitality industry, profitability and customer retention is more critical now than ever. Even though we need to stay distanced to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, businesses have found ways to evolve their offering. When you take these two factors into consideration, it leads us to the remaking of the modern bar.

Carlos Cocktails, a mobile bar business specializing in catering at private functions and corporate functions demonstrates how a business model that allows you to move with your customer in the right direction to move in.

“My business has done well because we pride ourselves on a personalised experience. Between the customer and I, there are several meetings and calls to grasp a clear understanding of their needs and expectations of us”, says Carlos, owner, and founder of Carlos Cocktails.

With what the industry calls “off-premises” alcohol sales—those that don’t take place in bars and restaurants—are soaring. According to data from Nielsen, they were up 55% for the week ending March 21 (versus the same week last year). And the portion purchased online is through the roof: up 243%. Online grocery delivery service reports that the number of orders containing alcohol has grown more than 75% in March.

According to Carlos, “you cannot have a business without social media, that’s where the world is”.

“Marketing is everything”, he says,” nowadays you can have a great product but if your marketing doesn’t appeal, and your website isn’t informative, it will take a while before your ideal consumer considers your product or service”.

When asked about the future of entrepreneurship in South Africa, Carlos highlighted the growing involvement of the youth. “We are seeing more young people opening their own businesses and looking at what the market needs to provide a service or a product. We’re a generation of innovators and it shows.”

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