The importance of partnerships in the public sector

In the aftermath of more than two years of COVID-19 and the civil unrest in KZN in 2021, many large-scale businesses and state-owned entities experienced crippling pressure caused by the unforeseen events and disruptions. What happens when parts of the province become isolated due to road closures and traffic blockades? When there are petrol shortages and safety concerns for suppliers on the roads? Now, more than ever, the importance of having the right partners – more specifically for those within the public sector – to drive your business forward in times of uncertainty.

Tsebo Catering Solutions CEO, Wynand Louw commends Tsebo for its strong background in risk mitigation, saying that support structures and extensive supply chain networks were being mobilised and as soon as it became apparent that unrest was brewing. He goes on to say, “Thanks to an unrelenting team of brave staff that extended themselves beyond the call of duty and performed tasks way out of their normal scope, these hospitals could ensure the continuity of safe patient care.”

“Larger businesses and state-owned enterprises have a lot of moving parts, and naturally demand efficient management across all their channels. Appointing the right business solutions partner to align and strategise with a tailored structure will help businesses remain on course to achieving their long and short-term goals,” says Louw.

While it might be tempting to solve internal workflow, procurement, and productivity issues on-the-go, the result is often like trying to patch a sinking boat with duct tape. It may work temporarily, but soon enough more holes will appear, unless they are treated comprehensively from the source.

“Much like an internal business partner, the right business solutions partner needs to share your company’s values and provide a holistic approach to your sector’s needs. This will guide their choices, judgements, and actions to fit your professional identity. Moreover, the right partner should bring complimentary skills and traits to the table to unlock the maximum potential of your daily operations. Whether it is ensuring competent management with relevant training, improving sustainable development efforts, optimising workspace design, or helping with procurement processes, every piece of the puzzle needs to be aligned for maximum workflow,” further explains Louw

So, let’s assume that you own or are a part of a state-owned business and have found a partner that ticks all the above boxes. That is fantastic for your business when everything is going right, but what happens when things take an unexpected turn? Having a dependable partner that has a plan of action for when the unforeseen arises is priceless.

When the 10-day unrest broke out in South Africa in July 2021, nine private and four major public hospitals situated in some of the worst affected areas in KZN were faced with the uncertainty of food supply issues. The one linking connection? All of them shared the same business solutions partner for their catering.

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