Think Creative Africa launches wearable electronic breast pump MiLQ

What began as a personal quest for a solution that would significantly and positively change their daily lives, has segued into MiLQ, a wearable electronic breast pump created by the Founders of Think Creative Africa, Nkgabiseng Motau and Mukondi Kgomo. The founders were both expecting at the same time but still wanted to be hands-on in the business. The breast bumps that were available were cumbersome, expensive, noisy and with too many parts. MiLQ is a wearable, rechargeable, easy to clean, low noise pump. It can be worn during a workday, while taking care of other children and anywhere else where a woman needs to have her hands free to do and enjoy other tasks. MiLQ provides the freedom for women to breastfeed anywhere.

For Nkgabiseng Motau and Mukondi Kgomo – founders of Think Creative Africa, what began as a personal quest for a solution that would significantly and positively change their daily lives, has segued into the launch of an electronic, hands-free, rechargeable, wearable breast pump.


The MiLQ breast pump provides an innovative solution for women who want to strike that almost mythical mom-life balance. The truth is that breastfeeding for one year takes approximately 1800 hours, which is equivalent to a full-time job with 3 weeks leave. To be able to attend a meeting, care for other children or work on a business plan all while wearing a pump, is a life hack well worth investing in.


“We were both expecting at the same time and while we had planned our respective maternity leaves, we both still wanted to be hands-on in the business. The pumps available were cumbersome and noisy with too many parts. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs, mavericks, and mothers, and while women can be many things, it seems that we are not able to be all these things at the same time. We wanted to change that. In finding a creative and valuable solution for ourselves, we have found one for all breastfeeding and pumping mothers,” explains Motau.


Motau and Kgomo are champions for improving women’s lives and believe that innovation is key. “The system needs to work better for women, no matter what that system is – be it better maternity leave policies or Femtech products that enormously simplify a task,” explains Kgomo.


In 2016, the two began through-the-line creative agency Think Creative Africa, gaining clients the likes of Vodacom, Multichoice, AMKA and the Inspired Education Group all-the-while winning awards for their data-led and Africa-centric approach.



A large part of their entrepreneurial vision stems from a personal mission – to create social impact in ways that benefit, uplift, and emancipate. This is evident in both their creative work and product innovation.


From the price point perspective, Motau and Kgomo wanted a product that was priced well below the pumps available in the marketplace, which cost many thousands of Rands. The recommended retail price for MiLQ is R1,985.00 and it can be purchased from  or on Uber Eats (Yes, really!) for Jozi based moms.


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