Three quick digital marketing wins for your business now that the state of disaster has ended

The lifting of South Africa’s national state of disaster more than two years after it was imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has given businesses a renewed impetus to accelerate their operations and take advantage of new opportunities.

South Africa has been unlocked – now it’s time for business owners to shift their marketing initiatives into a higher gear. Here are three quick ways to get ready for the post-pandemic recovery:

Improve your Google Business Profile

Did you know that your organisation appears in Google search results hundreds, if not thousands, of times every month?

Look at your organisation’s Google profile and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you claimed your business?
  • Who owns the edit rights to your business’s profile?
  • Are the photos relevant and do they help you put your best foot forward?
  • Are you responding to reviews?
  • Are your listed opening hours correct?
  • Have you listed your services, events and special offers?

Taking the time and effort to improve your Google profile will be well worth it in the long run. This is just the start, though – there is a lot you can do to improve your Google listing, profile and ranking.

If you want to up your game, it may be worth contacting a reputable marketing agency that is a Google Partner to assist you in sifting through the levels of verification to get your business (whether based in one place or at multiple locations) correctly listed. You can also get assistance with maintaining your profile, updating it regularly and even answering customer questions.

Get your business onto TikTok

It is predicted that TikTok will reach 755-million monthly users worldwide in 2022, after seeing 59.8% growth in 2020, followed by 40.8% growth in 2021. It’s estimated that more than nine million users are active on TikTok in South Africa and that it’s the fastest growing platform in the country.

You may be laughing this off, thinking that TikTok’s for kids, or that it’s weird and not for you – and especially not for your business.

But are you sure? If someone is talking about you on any platform, you cannot afford not to be there. The old adage goes, “Don’t let the conversation be about you, without you.” But you do need to know what you are doing and do it right if you want the desired response and impact.

Specialists can help you to understand the platform, develop a TikTok strategy and make sure you’re part of the conversation – in the way you want to be.

Flow, for example, offers a two-hour introduction to TikTok course where you’ll learn the practicalities of navigating the platform, as well as an introduction to TikTok package to help you set up your channel and create your first content.

Understand and leverage your digital assets

The rapid growth of digital services embraced by businesses to stay afloat as part of “living with” the Covid-19 pandemic has left many with a hodgepodge of unaligned digital assets – anything from online documents, videos, logos and slide presentations to spreadsheets, websites and other content. You wouldn’t allow your physical assets to be mismatched, so why not make sure you align your online assets as well?

Why not make the most of the new technology that you have embraced – by ensuring that your digital assets are aligned and serving your business, your employees and your clients/customers to their maximum potential?

If the thought of doing this makes you want to run for the hills, and you just want things to go back to the way they were, a specialist digital agency could make your life easier.

It is important to audit your digital assets, ensure that you have a comprehensive list, and develop an integrated strategy that leverages each asset to its fullest potential – not to mention making sure you have complete ownership and control over your intellectual property.

Richard Frank, CTO at Flow Communications