A young trailblazer in the IT Cloud Industry

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Thulasizwe Mavuso is a young entrepreneur who founded the IT Cloud services company Solvyng in 2020. Mavuso started the company after identifying an opportunity to provide businesses faced with the challenge of having to adapt to a technologically driven operating environment.

“We enable businesses to move from legacy ways of doing things into a digital world where they are able to have more business agility, reaching their bottom line quicker, while saving cost and delivering more value to their customers. Thus, producing technological solutions for customers that allow them to solve their business, processes, and people challenges.”

He was raised by his grandmother in KwaZulu-Natal, never exposed to computers until he was in high school and realized his passion, which led him to pursue a career in the IT sector. His upbringing put him in a position where he had to solve different types of problems which would serve him later in life as it drove him to become a top achiever and a leader in the spaces he occupied.

He managed a team that delivered technology solutions to various banks during his employment. Mavuso then decided to become an entrepreneur after realizing that his passion was to empower and uplift young individuals such as himself and establish highly functional teams driven by a well-articulated vision.

“I wanted to create a world-class technology company that puts young black people at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, which will be a vehicle for them to realize their full potential.”

Through his leadership, Solvyng became an Amazon Web Services advanced tier partner and a leading provider of IT Cloud services predominantly in the banking sector. His focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has earned him a reputation as a trusted partner and advisor to his clients.

The digitization of the world has placed a spotlight on companies such as Solvyng. Understanding how technology can be utilized to solve problems, especially in developing nations has become an invaluable skill. These technological advancements accelerate the adoption and delivery of key resources and information.

“We were in an initiative that focused on building smart clinics, that allowed for centralized patient data which would make patient information easily accessible no matter where the patient travels to. This will cut the time and cost delays related to a manual system and speed up access to medical help.”

Mavuso believes that the application of these technologies has endless possibilities and is advantageous as they cut across different sectors. This allows businesses to optimize their costs and perform better as they become more agile in delivering products and services that create more value for their customers.

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