Emile Heskey, Former England Footballer, has teamed up with entrepreneur and businessman Davison Simango to launch Alkebulan Group

Emile Heskey, Former England Footballer, has teamed up with entrepreneur and businessman Davison Simango to launch Alkebulan Group.

Alkebulan Group is dedicated to the development of humanitarian projects and transforming Africa by sourcing and brokering investment opportunities in a portfolio that includes Energy, Healthcare, Mining, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, ICT, Agriculture and Banking Solutions.

With access to funding of over $5 Billion, Alkebulan Group invests in sectors that generate high long-term returns in turn helping to move the economy of Africa forward. To achieve superior risk adjusted returns, the group blend professional industry experience and manufacture the best practise in operational management.

At the heart of the group’s ethos is the power to make lasting change. As part of a dedicated interview for this press pack, Emile’s passion for leaving a legacy in Africa is a fundamental part of his involvement in the group:
“It’s one of the first things we spoke about when setting up Alkebulan Group was giving back, what can we do to give back? Whether it be hospitals, whether it be education. Whatever it may be, where can we give back? That was one of the major things because that is something that aligns us both that we’re adamant about”.

Davey Simango believes that there is no better time to invest in Africa as it has huge potential, and he knows that the work Alkebulan Group will do will have a lasting impact:
“Looking at job opportunities, over 60% of the population in Africa is under 30 and a lot of them don’t have employment or have skills. I think the long-term impact that the group is going to bring is helping education and job opportunities. We can make it easy for them to do business, and in itself that is a contribution to the economy and growth of the country”

Both Simango and Heskey also heavily believe in the power of gender equality and this issue is a major part of the philanthropic work they wish to invest time and money into:
“Gender equality is a human right. Countries and societies that value woman and men as equals are safer and healthier. A woman brings stability and structure to a business, it’s in their nature. If we put women in the business world then they will flourish and its very important that they’re given the equal opportunity. At the same time, gender equality prevents violence against women, and we want to be at the heart of nurturing gender equality in all
that we do”.

Alkebulan Group are already in talks with major investors to get the ball rolling and they have had a number of meetings with diplomatic figures in key parts of Africa. They are keen to build on this and will motor into phase 2 of funding when the pandemic restrictions lift later this year.

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