POC Podcasts set to become first African podcast channel on Apple Podcasts

The latest addition to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is POC (People of Colour, People of Content, People of Culture), a channel, given its homonymic name, which is responding to a demographic that, until recently, has been seriously underrepresented or given a voice that responds to a subset of society keen to be acknowledged as idiosyncratic.

Launched in 2020, POC’s aim, and channel launch, was motivated by the lack of a South African voice that spoke to the many diverse African voices of the continent, something that was truly South African, identifiable, and entirely relatable to an audience keen to hear themselves represented in the podcasting world.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, the global marketplace for premium podcast subscriptions, was recently launched and continues to attract audiences in impressive numbers, thanks to its extraordinary reach and powerful algorithms that seek out and present relevant and respectful content appropriate to its listeners.

Onward and upward


POC founder, Simmi Areff remarked, “We are excited to collaborate with Apple on their new platform, as now it is easier for our original content to be consumed by not only people in Sub-Saharan Africa but listeners from around the world.”

In offering a diverse and original line-up of award-winning podcasts, the POC channel has already successfully attracted more than half a million streams over the past 12 months.


With the addition of the new Apple Podcasts platform as of August 2021, POC is set to reach an even bigger audience of potential listeners and subscribers in over 170 countries, thanks to its overall popularity and power.


One just needs to look at POC’s line-up to understand just why its channel is resonating with an ever-burgeoning audience keen to hear quality content.


From the celebrated fempreneur and influencer, Aisha Baker (winner of the African E-Entertainment award for best social media influencer), to acclaimed journalist and editor Ferial Haffajee, with her podcast dissecting important news stories; right through to Lesser-Known Somebodies – Africa’s 8th Best Podcast, hosted by Simmi Areff and Open Wide, Say Ah, a fun and quirky sexual health podcast, hosted by prominent LGBTI plus activist, Loren Laubscher, and a multitude of other entertaining podcasts from movie reviews to sports, POC offers something for everyone. They have also lined up local content in Afrikaans, Zulu, and isiXhosa, as well as new podcasts, brought to you by prominent activists and crime experts.

The new go-to


It’s no secret that podcasts are the default media type of choice for many. According to recent local surveys, 43 percent of South Africans have listened to a podcast in the last month. There has also been a 50 percent increase in podcast listeners in South Africa.

In an ever-changing world people are adapting to other appealing ways to be entertained and informed. That is where POC Podcasts prospers! Allowing listeners to cherry-pick and subscribe to topics and discussions that reflect and add real value to their time-sensitive lives.

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