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The benefits of moving online and the future of accounting software

The world of business is moving online and requires greater security and return on investment. According to, companies that rely solely on cloud accounting have five times the number of customers than businesses that do not, and businesses that utilise cloud-based accounting have a 15% year-on-year growth in revenue. These are great reasons to migrate from desktop to online accounting.


QuickBooks desktop was discontinued at the end of July 2021. “The global shift to cloud-based software has affected the way our clients use their accounting software,” says Epstein. “Intuit, the developers of QuickBooks Accounting, therefore decided to focus on the development of QuickBooks online, which provides numerous benefits over its desktop counterpart.”

After a seamless transition, QuickBooks Online subscribers can reap the benefits of a superb accounting product as well as compliance updates – users no longer need to purchase the latest version to stay up to date with the software. QuickBooks Online runs on just about any device’s browser, or it can simply be operated from the app.

“The software will always be the latest feature-packed experience possible, every time users sign in,” says Williams. “Additionally, all data is protected – Intuit uses market-leading web services to securely store our clients’ data – this ensures peace of mind if a client’s computer or device is stolen, lost or damaged. The client can continue running the business from a different device.”

There are numerous changes and updates to the online system, including a new dashboard and user interface, which will help maintain an overall view of the business. Williams adds, “It has simple, easy-to-follow menus, as well as live bank feeds for quick reconciliation. It offers customised reporting along with the main accounting software fundamentals, all packaged in a robust offering for businesses that want to stay current.”

“When it comes to moving from desktop to online, existing users have the choice to migrate when they see fit; however, we recommend moving over as soon as possible to keep up with the latest technology and to ensure business continuity,” says Epstein.

The excellent support that has always been available to QuickBooks subscribers will still be accessible. There is a free in-product chat service guided by knowledgeable experts, as well as a strong network of Intuit-certified Accountant Pro-Advisors based in South Africa. For the self-starters, there are also YouTube tutorials.

For existing users, the migration process from desktop to online couldn’t be simpler: desktop users need only sign up to QuickBooks Online and reach out to the QuickBooks team to assist with the company’s file transfer, which should take no more than two to three working days.

Businesses that have relied on QuickBooks to run the financial aspects of their business can therefore continue to benefit from the software, just on an online platform, with the same benefits – and more – and the superior in-product service and support they’re accustomed to. QuickBooks Desktop may have been discontinued, but QuickBooks Online is here to stay.

MD, Gary Epstein, and Sales Manager, Jonathan Williams, from EasyBiz Technologies

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